Neck Muscle Pain

Woman with illuminated spine suffering from neck pain The majority of neck pain is caused by muscular issues, rather than actual spinal problems. This neck muscle pain is a good thing though, because it’s much easier to treat the muscles directly.

Dr. Furbee, a chiropractor in Lakeland, FL, can help relieve your neck pain, no matter if it’s a result of an auto accident, whiplash, or anything else.

The neck, or cervical spine, consists of vertebrae that extend from the base of the skull to the upper torso, providing strength and stability needed to keep your head on your shoulders and everything functioning correctly.

The muscles around your neck provide further stability, as well as motion and support, which is necessary considering how vulnerable the neck is, compared to the rest of the more-sheltered spine.

Many times, a "crick in the neck" can come and go in the same day, but sometimes, something else is going on that could be addressed sooner to allow for much-needed relief.

Neck Muscle Pain Causes

The most common cause of neck muscle pain is an injury, such as whiplash, or general wear and tear that leads to abnormalities in the ligaments, nerves, and muscles that surround your cervical spine. Even issues farther down in the upper back, arms, or shoulders, can lead to neck pain, because of the connective tissues and nerves in the affected areas.

Rheumatoid arthritis can strike hard in the upper neck, leading to moderate to severe pain, compared to the more common "crick in the neck" feeling.

General wear and tear over time is another common culprit in people after they hit their 40′s and later. Known as cervical disk degeneration, or spondylosis, this occurs when the "jelly-filled" center of the disks break down, leading to less space and mobility between the cervical vertebrae.

Perhaps the poster child for neck muscle pain is the dreaded whiplash, seen in many car accident victims, especially those that have been rear-ended. When the neck bends backward past its normal limits (hyperextension) and/or forward (hyperflexion), the muscles and ligaments undergo stress that can lead to strains, pulls, and possibly even fracture or dislocation.

Anything more than a simple "crick in the neck" that lasts more than a day should be addressed as soon as possible to increase your chances of a fast and full recovery. Dr. Furbee has extensive experience in dealing with neck muscle pain from many different causes, and is ready to be your first line of defense for answers, treatment, and relief.

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